Awards to date

WCPF exhibition

2015... 3 x Highly commended

2016... 1 x acceptance

2017...1 x Highly commended plus 1 x acceptance

2018...1 x certificate plus 3 x acceptance

2019...1 x Silver plus 1 x certificate 3 x acceptance

2021...2 x Highly commended plus 2 x acceptance

2022... 1 x Highly commended 1 x selectors award plus 3 x acceptances

Knighthayes trophy

2022...  2nd place


I decided to make a start and try to achieve some Exhibition and photography awards in 2016, this can be a long process and I got rewarded with my first a year later.

BPE*1...accrued 25 points, including one ribbon and 1 Silver medal for this award (see British photography exhibition website for info on achieving theses awards)….awarded in June 2017


CPAGB...on 25th November 2017 I achieved this award with a panel of 10 images, a score of 200 is needed to achieve this and I managed to get a score of 250 so very pleased.

Over the next 1-2 years I intend to work towards the DPAGB

BPE*2...25th April 2018....Today I achieved my 2nd BPE award after receiving a total of 50 points including a Merit and a Bronze award.

WCPF 2019.....Silver medal awarded in the Nature category in the members exhibition.

BPE*3....October 2019... Achieved BPE3 with a total of 100 acceptances including,

2 x silver medals 2x selectors awards and 3 ribbons for commended

DPAGB....On 28th April 2021 I achieved my Dpagb award, this is a significant step up from the Cpagb. A total of 300 points from 15 images required from the judges, my score was 319